About project

Problem definition

Why did we establish the “e-Informatyka” project? From our point of view it does not make sense to create information system that does not resolve any problem, and considering following:

  • In Poland there is no influential, professional scientific journal published in electronic and printed form devoted to contemporary trends and information technologies, including e-business, software engineering and software development methods.
  • Existing web sites and portals do not allows to create users communities interested in subjects mentioned above, devoted to enhance knowledge and commonly create new and advanced solutions.

There are some good traditional journal, such as “Software”. But having only printed edition highly restricts journal in many ways:

  • From authors’ point of view:
    • Long publication process.
    • Limited number of copies and readers reachability.
    • Limited feedback from readers.
  • From readers’ point of view:
    • Lack of content personalization and customization.
    • Difficult access to previous issues.
  • From editors’ point of view:
    • Big costs of printing.
    • Limited number of papers in the single issue.

According to mentioned limitations we suppose that soon the readers’ focus will move from printed to electronic journals. Everybody can observe the growing popularity of vertical portals such as: IBM developerWorks, JavaWorld or TheServerSide.com.

Project goals

Goals of e-Informatyka.pl are following:

  • The creation of the community devoted to the latest trends in information technology, by (among others means) establishing influential professional electronic journal.
  • Raising the qualifications and facilitate the exchange of information in a professional environment.
  • Easy access to people professionally involved in software engineering and computer science.
  • Lowering the cost of issuing the journal.
  • Shortening the time needed to publish the paper.
  • Lack of restrictions on the number of articles and size of issues.
  • Global reach.
  • Easy access to published materials (current as well as archived).


Basic functionality

  • Papers’ management:
    • submitting papers,
    • automatic paper conversion into common publication format,
    • private access to submitted papers for authors, reviewers, including simple review form as well as discussion forum along with paper history (dates of modifications, reviews, answers etc.),
    • publishing papers in public section of the site after accepting by reviewers,
    • managing discussions about published papers.
  • Advanced search of the site content.


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