Publication Process

  1. The author uploads the revised version of the submission in the PDF format and separate ZIP file with LaTeX sources (including BibTeX file(s), images and extra files) into Manuscript Central.
  2. When the revised submission is accepted, our publishing house sets up the preview version of the paper.
  3. The preview version is published online as soon as possible.
  4. The e-mail with details about the publication (paper references, DOI) is sent to the submitting author.
  5. The final version is published online after polishing and elaboration.
  6. As soon as the current volume is closed, the complete volume and the list of reviewers are published online.

Issues delaying the publication process

  1. Low-quality BibTeX content. All references in the BibTeX file should be as complete as possible because filling the gaps takes a lot of time.
  2. Poor language. When the grammar and language of the paper are valid, it significantly shortens the publication process. Using British English is recommended.
  3. Low-quality images. Images should be prepared using vector graphics or high-resolution bitmaps. The printed version of the journal is black and white, so we encourage authors to convert images to black and white or use only a few shadows of grey.

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