Paper Submission

  1. Create your account in Manuscript Central (if you don’t have one). Once the account is created, log in using your Manuscript Central credentials or ORCID iD credentials.
  2. Print the “Authors’ agreement” form, sign by hand, and scan or photo it.
  3. Check your paper against our requirements.
  4. Create a new submission in Manuscript Central, and:
    1. Upload the following files:
      1. The research paper (in PDF format) – set “File Designation” as “Main document“,
      2. The authors’ agreement (photo/scan as PDF, JPG, GIF etc.) – set “File Designation” as  “Supplemental files NOT for review (eg. LaTeX sources…)“,
      3. The rejoinder (if you submit reviewed version of the paper) – set “File Designation” as “Supplemental files for review“.
    2. Add the same keywords as in the submitted paper.
    3. Before submitting the paper, please revise the Proof to confirm that:
      1. all uploaded files are correctly included,
      2. images, charts and plots are legible.

Most important files

  1. The LaTeX template of the paper
  2. Authors’ agreement

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