Author’s guide

This Author’s Guide will help you to successfully publish your paper in “e-Informatica Software Engineering Journal”

Paper publication FAQ

  1. Our main goal is to focus on experimentation and data science in software engineering.
  2. Only papers directly regarding software engineering are reviewed (list of our topics of interest).
  3. The publication fee is $0.00.
  4. The review process usually lasts two months.

How to submit a paper for publication

  1. Prepare the paper following our requirements and recommendations → Requirements and recommendations
  2. Submit your paper for review → Paper submission
  3. Will my paper be accepted for review/publication? → Admission policies
  4. Wait until the review process ends → Review process
  5. Submit the final version of the accepted paper for publication -> Publication process

Useful files

  1. The LaTeX template of the paper
  2. Authors’ agreement


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