e-Informatica Software Engineering Journal Deriving RTT Credentials for Role-Based Trust Management

Deriving RTT Credentials for Role-Based Trust Management

Anna Felkner, Krzysztof Sacha
Role-based trust management languages define a formalism, which uses credentials to handle trust in decentralized, distributed access control systems. A credential provides information about the privileges of users and the security policies issued by one or more trusted authorities. The main topic of this paper is RTT , a language which supports manifold roles and role-product operators to express threshold and separation of duties policies. The core part of the paper defines a relational, set-theoretic semantics for the language, and introduces a deductive system, in which credentials can be derived from an initial set of credentials using a set of inference rules. The soundness and the completeness of the deductive system with respect to the semantics of RTT is proved.
[1]Anna Felkner and Krzysztof Sacha, "Deriving RT^T Credentials for Role-Based Trust Management", In e-Informatica Software Engineering Journal, vol. 4, no. 1, pp. 9-19, 2010. DOI: .

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