e-Informatica Software Engineering Journal Model Driven Web Engineering: A Systematic Mapping Study

Model Driven Web Engineering: A Systematic Mapping Study

[1]Karzan Wakil and Dayang N. A. Jawawi, "Model Driven Web Engineering: A Systematic Mapping Study", In e-Informatica Software Engineering Journal, vol. 9, pp. 107–142, 2015. DOI: 10.5277/E-INF150106.

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Karzan Wakil and Dayang N. A. Jawawi


Background: Model Driven Web Engineering (MDWE) is the application of the model driven paradigm to the domain of web software development, where it is particularly helpful because of the continuous evolution of Web technologies and platforms. Objective: In this paper, we prepare a survey of primary studies on MDWE to explore current work and identify needs for future research. Method: Systematic mapping study uses for finding the most relevant studies and classification. In this study, we found 289 papers and a classification scheme divided them depending on their research focus, contribution type and research type. Results: The papers of solution proposal (20%) research type are majority. The most focused areas of MDWE appear to be: Web Applicability (31%), Molding and Notation (19%), and Services and Oriented (18%). The majority of contributions are methods (33%). Moreover, this shows MDWE as a wide, new, and active area to publications. Conclusions: Whilst additional analysis is warranted within the MDWE scope, in literature, composition mechanisms have been thoroughly discoursed. Furthermore, we have witnessed that the recurrent recommendation for Validation Research, Solution Proposal and Philosophical Papers has been done through earlier analysis.


model driven web engineering, MDWE, web engineering, systematic mapping study


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