Reviewers – volume 9

Gratitude for Reviewers

We would like to express appreciation to all reviewers for the effort and expertise contributed to reviewing, without which it would be difficult to maintain and raise the high standard of our peer-reviewed journal.

  1. Brendan Cody-Kenny
  2. Mario Cortes-Cornax
  3. Birhanu Mekuria Eshete
  4. Filomena Ferrucci
  5. Bogumiła Hnatkowska
  6. Szymon Kijas
  7. Tejeddine Mouelhi
  8. Mirosław Ochodek
  9. Phu H. Phung
  10. Hossain Shahriar
  11. Ben Stock
  12. Burak Turhan
  13. Bartosz Walter
  14. Bogdan Wiszniewski
  15. Mel Ó Cinnéide

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